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"work together to accomplish more"

about us

Established in 2005, the Professional Celebrants Association Inc represents all areas of celebrancy. The association is a self-regulated professional body which sets standards for best-practice and fosters professionalism in celebrancy.

The association supports and fosters diversity within celebrancy, and treats all celebrants equally. Members are required to continually update their skills through ongoing professional development, and are encouraged to work together to achieve more for the profession.

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The objects of the Professional Celebrants Association Inc. are to:

  • Promote celebrancy as a profession
  • Be an umbrella association for professional celebrants who are involved in a wide range of celebrancy practice
  • Foster high ethical standards in celebrancy practice
  • Provide opportunities for continuous improvement in celebrancy knowledge and skills
  • Accredit celebrants who undertake celebrancy-specific training and education
  • Advocate for the celebrancy profession to Government, industry and the general public

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For general enquiries regarding the association:

For membership and association matters:
0409 610 493

Management Committee Leadership

Carol Fitzpatrick

Ashley Bergh

Michele Fort

Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct

Celebrants who join the PCA are expected to support and uphold the association's Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct. The association developed this detailed and stringent code to ensure that PCA members strive to uphold high standards of professional and ethical conduct and support the ideals of the celebrancy profession. The code encourages public confidence in PCA members, who are responsible for providing a high standard of service that incorporates both safe and competent practice, with due care and concern for their clients, the public, and the law, where applicable.

Breaches of the Code
The PCA takes seriously any breach of the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, no matter how minor. Breaches of the Code call into question the professional and ethical practices of the celebrant/s concerned. The PCA has a defined disciplinary process for dealing with reports of alleged breaches of professional and ethical conduct (for further information, see the Secretary).

The PCA requires members to ensure that they do not maintain a conflict of interest in either their professional or ethical practices.

Civil marriage celebrancy is regulated by specific guidelines relating to conflict of interest, as determined by law. Section 39G(c)(ii) of the Marriage Act 1961 requires individuals to notify the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants, in writing, within 30 days of the occurrence of an event that might have caused the registrar not to register the individual as a marriage celebrant if the event had occurred before the individual were registered. Such an event might include the development of a conflict of interest between the celebrant's responsibilities as a marriage celebrant and any other business or other interests held by the celebrant. A relevant event might also include entry into, or continuation in, a business in which the role of marriage celebrant may result in the celebrant gaining a benefit in respect of that other business owned, controlled or carried out by the celebrant. The Registrar has the right to take disciplinary action against authorised celebrants who are deemed to be involved in something that constitutes a conflict of interest.

As general celebrancy is not regulated in any way by State or Federal law, there are no specific guidelines regulating what is a conflict of interest in relation to members practicing as General Celebrants. However, the PCA takes the view that the principle of avoiding undue influence and/or unfair advantage, or the perception of undue influence and/or unfair advantage, which are the regulations applying to Civil Marriage Celebrants, should be recognised and adhered to in their practice of General Celebrancy by its members.